Acute and Chronic back pain.

There is nothing so painful as an acute pain in the back. I should know. I have missed a lot of work because of it in the past.

What can acupuncture do for you? Naturally there are different kinds of back pain. Basically there are two types. Acute and Chronic. It can be a sharp stabbing pain or an irritating constant tension.

What can acupuncture do for you. There are different approaches to treating the cramping of the muscles. One approach is to get the muscles to relax by directly needling the area that is tight and painful. It relaxes the muscles immediately, but this has to be repeated for long term benefit. This is comparable to dry needling.

So..What are the factors that can causes back pain. Chronic stress can weaken the body and this makes the muscles cramp up. Prolonged sitting can cause the body to become stiff. Dehydration makes the muscles tight and weak. To much sports and not enough rest between sessions.

Usually it takes four to six acupuncture session before the local pain is totally gone. It takes a bit longer to treat the underlying reason the muscles have become weak.

Are you suffering from chronic back pain? I can help. I understand that you may want immediate treatment for the pain. Normally I have room in my agenda for emergency treatments.

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